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Increased quality in plastic moulding

EOAT Robot grippers, plastic moulding

LIGHTGRIP end-of-arm tooling is adapted to the specific needs of the plastics injection moulding industry. Our strong, rigid and light grippers increase the quality, productivity and ergonomics in the production process while at the same time reducing costs. All this is available from day one with our short delivery times.

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Increased quality in the production process

LIGHTGRIP robot grippers are built out of the same carbon fibre tubes and lamella joints as our flexible fixture solutions. The grippers are extremely rigid and stable and therefore not affecting the geometry of the plastic part during handling. The result is a manufacturing process with high quality and low error rates.

Increased productivity in the production process
Increased productivity

Building end-of-arm tooling out of carbon fibre and our lamella joints creates rigid light weight grippers. The cycle times of the production process may therefore be reduced by enabling increased speed when moving the moulded parts.

The tubes and our patented lamella joints are extremely flexible and yet stable over time. The flexibility enables short setup times in machine and the stability and low weight leads to reduced need for maintenance on both grippers and robots. The result is less down time and increased productivity.

Improved ergonomics for employees

The low weight of our robot grippers make them easy to handle, change and move arround and there is no longer a need to carry heavy grippers resulting in injuries. The lamella joints are easy to work with and lock with a single tool without any risk for work related injuries.

Reduced costs in the production process
Reduced costs

Choosing LIGHTGRIP results in reduced investment, start-up and operational costs related to your end-of-arm tooling. Our modular grippers are so easy to design, build and calibrate that you can do it by yourself on site if you prefer. Leave it to us and we will do it fast and efficiently to reduce your downtime in machine.

LIGHTGRIP is built out of modular components with the possibility to rebuild old grippers to a new for a small modification or completely new part.

Our strong and rigid grippers are stable over time and the need for maintenance and calibration is minimal. With the low weight, even maintenance on auxiliaries and robots is reduced to a minimum. Further, calculate for the low gripper weight when dimensioning the robot and you will be able to make important reductions to the overall investment costs.

Available with short delivery times
Fast delivery

LIGHTGRIP end-of-arm tooling is easy to build and get started with. The grippers are constructed out of a limited number of easy to use components and are constructed with a single tool. The system has built in flexibility and minimum need for bespoke components reducing the time for adaptation to your needs. As all components are standard, you can get a gripper in no time.


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