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Results independent of measuring environment

Measure in any environment

TETRAFIX fixtures give you the opportunity to measure in any environment and still have reliable measurement results without calibration.

TETRAFIX fixtures are built out of carbon fibre with negligible thermal expansion. The geometry of the framed structures is designed so that the fixtures are stable in different temperatures and can be moved around in the measurement room, factory or warehouse and still keeps the same geometry without calibration.

Using the fixture in different environments is further enabled by our three feet construction. All fixtures are stable in themselves and only need three legs. It is therefore possible to put the fixture anywhere with the same good result. There is no longer a need for expensive measuring tables and temeperature controlled rooms.

Our fixtures are prepared for and used with many different measuring devices, from large CMM machines in the measurement room to mobile vision systems and measuring arms in the production line. The fixtures are extra beneficial for new vision systems as they offer access from many angles and can be used in all environments.

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