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Increased productivity in the measurement process

Increased productivity

Using expensive measurement equipment puts high demand on utilisation rates to keep desired ROI-levels. TETRAFIX fixtures decrease your downtime and increase the utilisation ratio of your machines.

Our fixtures are easy to move around and our heaviest fixtures for a complete car body side only weights 40-60 kilos. Most of our fixtures are much lighter and even possible to carry around and our larger fixtures are all equipped with wheels to be easy to move around . There is no longer a need for cranes and heavy lifting in the measurement room. The lightness of TETRAFIX’s fixtures makes them easy to move and therefore reducing the fixture change times in machine.

With our fixtures being extremely stable over time there is less need for repeated calibration over the lifetime of the fixture. If calibration is needed, this is done quick and simple with TETRAFIX patented shimless calibration units.

In addition, TETRAFIX has developed a range of unique features to make the fixtures quick and easy to work with and at the same time keep precision and performance. The overall result is easy to work with fixtures resulting increased productivity and good utilisation of your measuring engineers and machines.

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