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Superior performance by using carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is an exotic material used for its strength and low weight in different applications, from airplanes to sport equipment. TETRAFIX uses carbon fibre tubes, specially designed together with our suppliers, in order to achieve our high demands on stiffness, strength and negligible thermal expansion.

The tubes have been designed to enhance the natural characteristics of carbon fibre to create a solution with superior strength and stiffness to weight ratios. The result is a very stable material in combination with the added benefit of being extremely light and therefore creating structures not affected by its own weight over time.

Using carbon fibre also creates structures largely unaffected by changes in temperature. The material has negligible thermal expansion and does not change geometry in different conditions. The tubes have the same dimensions on the factory floor as in a temperature controlled measurement room.

The carbon fibre tubes further has the benefits of not being affected by corrosion or material fatigue. The overall result is plain and simple structures that are stable over very long periods of time.

Carbon fibre characteristics

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