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Zuverlässige messergebnisse

TETRAFIX fixtures provide you with measurement results you can trust by offering fixtures with market leading accuracy over long periods of time.

Our fixtures are produced to the highest precision in our own factory in Sweden. The high precision manufacturing process is followed by calibration of all reference points with our own patented shimless solutions. The result is a fixture that is possible to set-up with very high accuracy.

TETRAFIX fixtures are either built out of framed carbon fibre structures or with tripods based on our unique carbon fibre plates. Both our design and construction techniques create light weight structures not affected by their own weight and without any built-in tension affecting the fixtures over time. The result is a very strong and rigid structure that keeps the geometry for many years.

Using carbon fibre also makes our fixtures resistant to temperature changes and can therefore be used in different environments without recalibration. To further enable the movability all fixtures are equipped with only three legs, standing stable on any surface without changing geometry.

When choosing a TETRAFIX fixture you get a fixture with high precision stable over long periods of time. A fixture that gives you the same measurement results independent of if you are in a controlled measurement room or using a vision system out in the factory.

Messergebnisse unabhängig von der messumgebung
Measure in any environment

TETRAFIX fixtures give you the opportunity to measure in any environment and still have reliable measurement results without calibration.

TETRAFIX fixtures are built out of carbon fibre with negligible thermal expansion. The geometry of the framed structures is designed so that the fixtures are stable in different temperatures and can be moved around in the measurement room, factory or warehouse and still keeps the same geometry without calibration.

Using the fixture in different environments is further enabled by our three feet construction. All fixtures are stable in themselves and only need three legs. It is therefore possible to put the fixture anywhere with the same good result. There is no longer a need for expensive measuring tables and temeperature controlled rooms.

Our fixtures are prepared for and used with many different measuring devices, from large CMM machines in the measurement room to mobile vision systems and measuring arms in the production line. The fixtures are extra beneficial for new vision systems as they offer access from many angles and can be used in all environments.

Erhöhte produktivität im messprozess
Increased productivity

Using expensive measurement equipment puts high demand on utilisation rates to keep desired ROI-levels. TETRAFIX fixtures decrease your downtime and increase the utilisation ratio of your machines.

Our fixtures are easy to move around and our heaviest fixtures for a complete car body side only weights 40-60 kilos. Most of our fixtures are much lighter and even possible to carry around and our larger fixtures are all equipped with wheels to be easy to move around . There is no longer a need for cranes and heavy lifting in the measurement room. The lightness of TETRAFIX’s fixtures makes them easy to move and therefore reducing the fixture change times in machine.

With our fixtures being extremely stable over time there is less need for repeated calibration over the lifetime of the fixture. If calibration is needed, this is done quick and simple with TETRAFIX patented shimless calibration units.

In addition, TETRAFIX has developed a range of unique features to make the fixtures quick and easy to work with and at the same time keep precision and performance. The overall result is easy to work with fixtures resulting increased productivity and good utilisation of your measuring engineers and machines.

Kostenreduzierung in der geometriesicherung
Reduced costs

Utilising your machines more efficiently with less number of staff has a long term impact on the operational costs in the geometry assurance department. Staff being able to focus on measuring and analysing the results instead of calibration, changing fixtures and work pieces adds value instead of driving costs.

Being modular, TETRAFIX fixtures are also, if desired, possible to rebuild to new car projects or make adaptations to existing projexts. Typebound fixtures are redesigned and rebuilt by TETRAFIX while flexible fixtures are possible to rebuild within hours by our clients. The possibility to rebuild fixtures also makes it possible for last minute adaptations in the design process to a minimum cost if something changes in the car design.

All fixture solutions are available to competitive prices and it is now possible to reduce the overall cost of the geometry assurance process by reducing both investment and operational costs.

Messvorrichtungen für diverse anforderungen

TETRAFIX fixtures are adaptable to your needs and we have solutions for prototyping, pilot plant, measuring room and production, all with the same benefits of high precision, stability and reduced costs. We offer a wide range of fixtures from type-bound fixtures designed and built for a specific part to 100% flexible solutions where you can build new reference points with 6 degrees of freedom within minutes.

Our type-bound fixtures are indeed fixed and adapted to a single part and designed to stay the same for a long period of time. If necessary it is however possible to redesign a single reference point if the geometry of a part is changing. Redesign is made independently of other reference point and only the changed point needs new calibration.

The setup also makes it possible to make changes late in the design process.

Our most flexible solution is 100% flexible. The fixtures are constructed out of unique tripods with 6 degrees of freedom, the only one on the market. Each point is easily adjusted within minutes and then calibrated with the same shimless calibration as our fixed fixtures. It is now possible to build reference points from scratch in minutes and an entire fixture in a few hours. When locked, the points has the same precision and stability over time as our type-bound solutions.

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